Oren Ashkenazi

Oren Ashkenazi

Oren is a folk dance instructor and creator of dozens of original choreographies.

He has a diploma as an "Israeli Folk Dance instructor" and he is a graduate of Choreography studies and Event productions Bachelor Degree (Education) and Master Degree (Arts in Education).

He has been Art Director of Machol Hungaria for 10 years and has been a Joint choreographer with Machol Baltica for 5 years on behalf of the dance groups that have represented Israel in international festivals (incl. Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerland and more). He has been Choreographer of the Jewish Israeli Song group Achwa ve Shalom of Haifa municipality and Art Director of different dance camps abroad (CH, BEL, POL and more).

Dancers of SHALOM HAIFA and SHALOM TEL AVIV dance groups (Gavry Levy).

Oren Ashkenazi Oren Ashkenazi